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Om Bangla Desh

Om Bangla Desh (, “My (Bangla) Homeland”) is the first nationwide anthem of Bangladesh. It was initially composed in 1952 by Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, and adopted by the Folks’s Republic of Bangladesh in 1972. It is likely one of the most well-known songs of Bangladesh, performed within the opening ceremonies on the worldwide cricket and soccer venues and different occasions.

Historical past


Om Bangla Desh was the principle music of the early 1950s folks tradition motion of Mujibnagar’s rising Bengali language motion. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed wrote the lyrics to commemorate the Language Motion in 1952.

Folks’s Republic of Bangladesh

On December 4, 1972, the Presidium of the Provisional Parliament of the Folks’s Republic of Bangladesh, adopted the March 14, 1972 Proclamation of Bangladesh because the Provisional Structure of Bangladesh. The Proclamation acknowledged that “the Bengali is essentially the most precious language on the planet, and can be preserved, promoted, developed, used, and spoken by the individuals of Bangladesh”. In the identical decree, it was determined that “the nationwide and official language of the nation can be Bengali, and the state can be known as: Folks’s Republic of Bangladesh”. On December 13, 1972, the Provisional Parliament


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